Dance Floor Hire in Youlgreave

Dance Floors UK offer stunning sparkly dance floors that will bring your party to life.

We offer the dance floors in either black or white and we can set the LEDs on the dance floors to several different colours and may also be able to match the venue room colours. The settings on the dance floor can either be set on a specific colour for the whole event or it can be set on a slow rotate so the colour will slowly rotate through the various different colours that the dance floor has to offer.

The dance floors also offer a twinkle pattern that gives a nice crystal sparkle effect which can be a nice slow twinkle effect or speeded up. Whichever setting you choose to have the dance floor we are certain you will agree that the dance floor looks stunning.

We cover the whole of the UK including Youlgreave. Feel free to drop us a message using our CONTACT US page for further information.